Zero Impact Full Performance By 2028

With the world facing the challenge posed by climate change, sustainability occupies a central position in everyone’s lives and surfing is no exception. That is why MEO, Turismo de Portugal, as long lasting sponsors of the World Surf League, have stood out as active actors in creating greater awareness of better environmental practices, and at the same way inspiring others, to rethink the way surfboards are made.

The Unwanted Shapes started In 2019, raising the public’s attention for the shapes that no one wanted to see in the oceans - household plastic. And, in 2020, the brands signaled another imminent danger for the marine ecosystem. A bi-product of the virus that devastated people’s health and the global economy: The waste produced to fight Covid-19.

Today, looking at the future of the industry and its impact in the environment, this joint-venture established a shared goal set to accelerate innovation of performance surfboards stripped away from what is toxic, by sparking the dialogue between surfers, shapers and community, aiming at the development of the surfboards of tomorrow:

Fully sustainable crafts of joy, adrenaline, pure stoke and uncompromising performance. Because the only footprint boards should have, are the ones carved on them by surfers.

Follow the discussion live at MEO PRO PORTUGAL.

Meo Pro Portugal

The best surfers of the world converge at Peniche for the first Portuguese event of the new WSL Championship Tour era.

Meo Pro Portugal